HS1332A Honda


Dual-stage, track drive, 81 cm (31.9 in.) clearing width

Clear up to 75 metric tons (83 tons) of snow per hour† and throw it up to 17 metres (56 ft.)†

Low noise muffler with guard

Power LED headlight

Built-in icing guard design prevents icing in the carburetor and provides better access to the carburetor drain bolt and fuel cut-off lever


Product & Function
Discharge Type Dual-stage
Axle Type Track drive
Drive Type Hydrostatic transmission (HST)
Transmission Oil Capacity 1.9 Litre
Speeds Infinitely variable
Clearing Width 81 cm (31.9 in.)
Maximum Ground Speed Forward: 60 m/min. (196.9 ft./min) Reverse: 42 m/min. (137.8 ft./min)
Intake Housing Height 55 cm (21.7 in.)
Auger Diameter 35.5 cm (14 in.)
Auger Type Steel serrated (Spiral)
Auger Drive Belt driven shaft
Auger Transmission Screw gear
Auger Oil Capacity 0.16 Litre (5.6 fl. Imp. oz.)
Auger Height Adjustment Gas assist
Chute Turning Radius 198 °(95° Left, 103° Right)
Chute Rotation Remote electric “Joystick” control
Deflection Control Remote electric “Joystick” control
Chute Material Steel
Maximum Throw Distance† 17 m (55.8 ft.)
Clearing Snow Volume Capacity (Approximate)†
Up to 75 metric tons/hr (83 tons/hr)